April 6, 2018

A Road Trip Adventure in Montana

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In Weekend Road Trip, the Ligares get behind the wheel to explore the beauty of Southwest Montana as they take advantage of every stop and detour along the way.

Weekend Road Trip is episode 25 in the Discover Your #MontanaMoment video series and can be viewed on VISITMT.COM.

The couple’s journey begins in the historic mining town of Butte, where they enjoy a sunny walk through Uptown, a Victorian-era neighborhood, and visit local businesses like Headframe Spirits, a craft distillery. After their time in Butte, the road takes them south with stops at Big Hole National Battlefield and the ghost town of Bannack State Park. As their weekend road trip continues, the mountain peaks in the distance draw closer and the lush Big Hole Valley beckons. Here the couple stops to try something new, an afternoon fly fishing the Big Hole River.

“Driving down the open road, going slow and stopping at places that we see that look intriguing. That’s just about as good as a road trip can get,” says Scott.

Scott and Miho remember their hearty camp-style steak dinner at the Big Hole Lodge fondly. The friendly atmosphere in the riverside clearing perfectly embodied the spirit of their road trip adventure.

“It’s been an escape of a trip,” says Scott. “Being able to just leave work and everything behind…it’s pretty ideal.”

A road trip is the perfect way to explore Montana. Whether you have just a weekend like Scott and Miho, or are looking for a longer adventure, you’ll create memories during your journey with the road as your guide. Visiting Montana’s charming small towns along the way allows you to feel the sense of community and heritage through local dining, beverages, shopping and accommodations. Outdoor recreation can be found at every turn, with opportunities to experience unspoiled places across the state you won’t find anywhere else.

Scott and Miho’s weekend road trip highlights just a few of the ways you can discover your #MontanaMoment during a road trip in Montana. To start planning your summer road trip, find more trip ideas and things to do along the way.

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