June 27, 2014

6 Mobile-Ready Travel Websites For Your Next RoadTrip

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There are so many websites these days devoted to helping you plan and book your next roadtrip, that the difficulty is choosing the one that works the best for you.

More and more travelers are heading out on the road and making their plans as they travel. But, once you’re on the road, and don’t have the luxury of a desktop computer, planning gets a little more difficult. There are suprisingly few websites out there specifically devoted to travelers on the road with their mobile devices. But fear not, we’ve found several hidden jewels worth bookmarking before your next roadtrip.

Here is our selection of 6 mobile-ready websites that you should seriously consider bookmarking…

1-3) Our first pick is actually 3 websites, each devoted to traveling specific highways. The I-4 Exit Guide covers Florida’s Tourist Corridor, from Tampa to Daytona Beach. You’ll find detailed listings for food, gas, lodging, camping, shopping and more for every exit along the route. Plus, you’ll find traffic, weather and gas price info. Check out their I-4 Gourmet, a feature that critiques one of a kind restaurants and diners along the way. The same great information can be found on their other exit guide websites, The I-5 Exit Guide (Washington to California) and The I-10 Exit Guide (California to Florida)

4) Unlike the Interstate Exit Guides listed above, HighwayPal covers most of the major Interstate highways in the US. HighwayPal is devoted to “what’s happening” along the way, with RoadNews, attractions, destination guides, outlet shopping and, like the above guides… “Interstate Gourmet” restaurant reviews.

5) WX2Go, Weather to-go does one thing and one thing only… travel weather. Weather2Go is lean, mean travel weather website. They subscribe to the fact that simple is better. ” No more cryptic tables of data. No more clicking to dig for information that should be front and center. Less is more. All the weather you really need to know is just a click away”. Their mobile-ready format is a delight.

6) We can forget our RV friends. After all, RVers account for an ever growing number of highway travelers… especially during the summer months. RVBuddy is a great, mobile-ready website devoted to user reviews of “Campgrounds and RV Parks” throughout the United States. Search by state or route number and you’ll find hundreds of detailed campground reviews with photos and maps. RVBuddy has been around for more than 10 years and still going strong. The website is mobile-ready, beautifully designed and easy to navigate.

Well, there you have it. Your roadtrip will never be the same… it will be better!

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