December 17, 2013

More Travelers On The Road This Christmas Than Last Year

winter-traffic-i95The American Automobile Association projects 94.5 million Americans will journey 50 miles or more from home during the year-end holiday season. This number represents an increase of 0.6 percent from the 94 million people who traveled last year, which makes it the fifth consecutive increase and the highest travel volume recorded for the season.

The year-end holiday period runs from December 21st to New Year’s day. In contrast, AAA reported earlier that Thanksgiving travel decreased 1.5 percent from last year.

This year, more travelers prefer to go by road than by air. Data collected by AAA shows 91 percent of travelers, 85.8 million of them, will travel by car than by other forms of transportation, a 0.9 increase. Holiday air travel is expected to decline to 5.5 million compared to 5.6 million last year.

Highway travelers have several excellent sources on the web for planning this holiday season. For east coast travelers visit the I-95 Exit Guide (, Midwest travelers have the I-75 Exit Guide (, Those traveling across the southern US can visit the I-10 Exit Guide (, West coast travelers have the I-5 Exit Guide (, and those traveling thru Central Florida can visit the I-4 Exit Guide (

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